How to Use the Online Body Composition Calculator
Through the screen, simply fill in the right information in the prescribed calculator boxes. You will be able to see these following factors which greatly affect your body composition:

Weight (in pounds)
Waist Size (in inches)
It is important to declare one’s gender, as it is a crucial factor in determining one’s current body composition. There are also some specific data which involve females only, such as these given three:

Wrist Size (female only)
Hips Size (female only)
Forearm Size (female only)
Discovering one’s current mass will be such a breeze; by inputting the right values from these defined body features, it takes a little less than a minute to discover how your body currently weights. No more messy calculations; just pure, unadulterated data from an automatic Online Body Composition Calculator, giving you the accurate results you need.

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