Everyone has used calculator. Maybe the one that haven’t used one are those babies. Toddlers sometimes used this and play it sometimes even they do not know yet what is the purpose of this calculators. They might think it is a toy phone with all the numbers in each button.

Using calculator has been a great help to us and ease doing our computation in our daily day to day basis. Especially doing the simple calculation such as to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

But do you know what the oldest calculator in the world before the calculator now that we used and what it look likes. In history people have create different tools to calculate. And this oldest calculator in the world and also the most popular is the abacus. This is a Latin word that is taken from the Greek word abax that means flat surface. This is a Chinese invention and in China this is called or also known as suanpan.

Abacus is compose of wooden frame, beads and rods. Each of these rods signifies the different place value; ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and so. And the bead signifies number generally 1 or 5 and while it is the rod it can be moved. With this one can do addition and subtraction easily by moving the beads.

Until now this can still be seen and used by some people. And a little fact is that some bank makes sure that their bank employees pass the abacus examination. Learning this type of calculator can be useful in time.

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