Calculators have been a great help for us especially when we need to compute large numbers. Almost everybody uses this and aside from the calculator that we use our mobile phone has also this app stored in to help us incase in computing. This is a great advantage with our mobile phone because we can carry it anytime and anywhere. It is very handy and you won’t need to bring calculator everyday with the help of your mobile phone.

But still using the calculator itself is much better and convenient especially in home, school at work. Almost every house hold, office and school has a calculator. At home this can help you calculate your daily expenses in the house. At school this can help students calculate or compute and solve equations such as in math and other subjects that involves numbers and equations. Teachers use also this to compute grades of their students. An office also has this to compute necessary numbers or figures especially those accountants.

Calculators are a great help to compute especially if it involves big numbers. You can easily compute immediately just manually because it will surely take more time unless you are a genius. Imagine computing more than 10 digits and not only you are going to use simple plus and minus but there are more to it than that like multiplying or dividing it, can you handle it just manually computing it? I think not. Maybe only those gifted one that can answer and compute just reading the numbers and figures. Where in I am one of those who wishes to be one like them. But still thanks with the help of calculator.

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